Visiting hours

General Visiting Hours

Daily from 15.00 to 20.00. 

  • Maximum of 2 visitors per patient.
  • We can request that you leave the room, even during visiting hours. For example, during care or treatment sessions, or if the visit is too tiring for the patient.
  • Every floor has a seating area near the elevators where you can wait.
  • The patient's contact is also welcome to visit between 10.00 and 13.00.

Please note: some wards have different visiting hours. These are listed here.

Visiting Regulations
In view of the rest that patients and their roommates require, each patient is only allowed two visitors at the same time. It is not permitted to bring living plants as gifts to patients. Soil can in fact contain and spread infections. 

Nurse Consultation Hours
The patient's contact person is entitled to make an appointment during the Nurse Consultation Hours. During such an appointment, the nurse can give further details about the patient's condition and treatment. If you require more information regarding appointments, please contact a nurse on the day shift.