Your Visit To The Doctor

On your first visit to the Albert Schweitzer Hospital as a patient, you will be asked to register at the registration desk. At all locations, the registration desk can be found in the main hall.

To register you need:

  • a referral note from your (family) doctor;
  • a valid ID (passport, driving-licence or identity card);
  • a certificate of registration from your medical insurer.

What should you bring with you?
You should take along a number of things on your first visit to the doctor:

  • a referral note from your (family) doctor;
  • ID;
  • any medication you are habitually taking at home (preferably in its original packaging);
  • if you find it helpful, a piece of paper with your notes and any questions you may wish to ask.

You will not have to take along a referral note or ID on your subsequent visits to the doctor. It is important to prepare each visit to the doctor properly, however. Think carefully beforehand about all the things you wish to ask and tell the doctor. You will read more about this below.

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