Making An Appointment for Outpatient Department

Which specialist should I choose?
Your (family) doctor has referred you to a specialist.  
You can discuss with your family doctor which specialist would be best for you. This may depend on your illness or condition, but your choice may also depend on personal considerations.

Making an Appointment
You will make your first appointment with the specialist through the hospital’s Planning Unit. The staff members of the Planning Unit also know at which location(s) the specialists hold consulting hours, and how long the waiting times are.

  • Telephone number of the Planning Unit: (078) 654 11 11.

You will normally make your follow-up appointments with the assistant of the outpatient department where you are being treated.

If you do not speak Dutch, or speak it poorly, you can always ask for a professional (telephone) interpreter. This is free of charge.
Please tell us the moment you make the appointment that you need an interpreter. The assistant of the outpatient department will then be able to book an interpreter in advance. It is often possible to call an interpreter during the meeting with the doctor (if one has not been previously arranged), but there is no guarantee that an interpreter will be available at that time. Be sure to tell the doctor or nurse whenever you do not understand him or her. We are after all talking about important information!

If You Are Prevented from Keeping Your Appointment
If you are not able to keep your appointment, you should let this be known as soon as possible so that it will be possible to see another patient during that time slot. You can let the Planning Unit (078) 654 11 11 know or the outpatient department where you are being treated.

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