Your Stay in the Nursing Department

On the day of your admission, you should report to the reception. The receptionist will tell you where to go. Your partner or family may accompany you.

The Admissions Interview
You will have a meeting with a nurse in the nursing department.
You will discuss the following with the nurse:

  • Your medical history (have you previously been ill, have you got any allergies or are there other medical details which warrant mention?)
  • the name and telephone numbers of your contact person;
  • any medication you are taking;
  • the general running of the nursing department.

You may also ask questions yourself about your stay in the hospital.

Your Room
There are single rooms, double rooms and wards. The kind of room you will be assigned to will depend on the availability of the rooms or on your medical condition.

The Albert Schweitzer Hospital has mixed (sex) wards. This means that men and women share rooms. You can, if desired, draw a curtain round your bed.
If you object to this, you can discuss it with a nurse. We will take your wishes into account as much as possible, but we cannot guarantee that you will be able to share a room with only men or only women.

Eating and Drinking
You can indicate every day what you wish to eat. One can also obtain meals without pork or beef, or vegetarian meals. Your family may also bring you food from home.

Sometimes there are people staying in the hospital or in your room who are very ill, and need peace and quiet. For this reason you may only receive visitors during visiting hours. The nurse will tell you when the visiting hours are.
No more than two people will be allowed to visit you at a time. If you wish to receive a larger number of people at one time, you may - if you are up to it - take your visitors down to the main hall, which has a coffee corner where you can drink or eat something.

Imam and Islamic Place of Worship
If you feel the need, the nurse can ask an imam or other spiritual counsellor to come to your bed. You may, of course, also ask for your own imam or spiritual counsellor.

There is an Islamic place of worship in the main hall of the Zwijndrecht location and in the basement of the Dordwijk location. They are open 24 hours a day.

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