Preparing For Your Admission

Contact Person
When you have been admitted to the hospital, your family members and others close to you will at times have many questions for the doctor and nursing staff. To keep everyone from asking questions, you will have to appoint a single contact person who will speak to the doctor and nurses on the family’s behalf.
It is therefore important that you think ahead of time about who your contact person will be, so that you will be able to pass on the name and (at least) two telephone numbers of the contact person on the day of your admission.

If you do not speak Dutch, or speak it poorly, you can always ask for a professional (telephone) interpreter. This is free of charge. If you indicate this in advance, the nurse will be able to arrange an interpreter for you. However, if necessary, an interpreter can be arranged during the meeting itself. Be sure to tell the doctor or nurse whenever you do not quite understand him or her. We are after all talking about important information!

Having an Empty Stomach and Refraining From Smoking
Sometimes, you will need to have an empty stomach on the day of admission. This means that you will not be allowed to eat, drink or smoke. This will be discussed with you beforehand.

What should you take with you?
When you go to the hospital to be admitted, be sure to take along the following:

  • nightclothes, a dressing-gown, slippers, underwear;
  • toiletries;
  • any medication you are taking, preferably in the original packaging;
  • small change, something to read, if necessary, your reading glasses;
  • your appointment card, insurance documents and a valid ID;
  • the telephone number(s) of your contact person;
  • aids which you use at home, such as crutches, a walking frame or a hearing-aid.

Do not take any valuables, and also leave large sums of money at home. The hospital is not liable for any theft, loss or damage.

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