Site visits

Site visit 1. Intensive Care without walls

In this session you will learn about rapid response systems, outreach and professional development of nurses (e.g. ventilation practitioner, circulation practitioner, renal practitioner, etc.) There will also be a focus on continuous education (blended learning) and innovative tools for regional organisation of intensive care.

Site visit 2. Center for Lung Cancer

You will experience our one-stop outpatient clinic, person-centered & team-based care and learn more about advance care planning.

Site visit 3. Innovation in a large teaching hospital

We believe every innovation starts with an idea. From top down or bottom up, from nurse to doctor, from patient to management it is essential to keep the user in mind. In this session, different speakers will share how the ASH is creating an environment in which ideas can grow. See and try technologies and social innovations from the ASH in our experience room, such as sensors, mobile health, virtual & augmented reality and more.

Site visit 4. Breast Clinic

The breast clinic was winner of the 2017 “Sensible Care” Award. In this session you will hear about the one stop shop in detecting breast cancer, PROMs toolbox and how to offer exceptional multidisciplinary team-based care.

Site visit 5. Operating Theatre Complex

In this tour of our  theatre complex you will explore design issues for theatres, how to optimize medical devices, logistics and safe surgery checklists in combination with the wellbeing of our patients.

Please note that there is a special clothing protocol applicable for this site visit. The Albert Schweitzer hospital will take care of the required coats, caps and footwear cover (booties) and wearing jewelry during the tour is forbidden.

Site visit 6. Restoring joy and prevent professional burnout in healthcare medical professionals

In this session you will learn about an integrated system approach including recruitment and selection, individual appraisal & assessment, team evaluation, and how to protect the second victim through peer support in the case of adverse events.

Site visit 7. Geriatric Trauma Unit

In this session you will learn about multidisciplinary care in geriatrics, trauma surgery and orthopaedic surgery. Topics for discussion include integrated health program, chain care and advanced care planning.