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We are Albert Schweitzer!

A hospital with heart, mind and soul

Deep in the jungle of West Africa, Dr. Albert Schweitzer founded a hospital in 1913. He was the only doctor within a radius of 800 kilometres. His patients came from miles away and he stayed there for the rest of his life. It was a life spent in the service of caring for mankind. What underpinned his philosophy? Simply put, it was 'Respect for life', an often quoted motto. Schweitzer united the provision of care with 'heart, mind and soul' in his work. He received a just reward for that: the Nobel Prize. At that time, he was considered to be progressive. Nowadays, his philosophy is still alive and well. Albert Schweitzer: an example for many.

We are the Albert Schweitzer Hospital and we also want to be a bit 'Albert Schweitzer'. And we can do that by doing what our namesake did every day - something that is in huge demand, especially nowadays. The healthcare sector is full of modern challenges, such as the need to spend money, time and resources wisely. Fortunately, giving people attention, being approachable and having a listening ear are all in plentiful supply. These are our tools to create an environment where our patients feel safe, at ease and in good hands.

As innovative as Schweitzer was in his time, we want to be innovative now. That is why we are active in the field of scientific research, both at regional and international level. Furthermore, we are also an attractive training hospital for young talent: the top medical and nursing talent of the future. They in turn keep us young and innovative. Together with them, we are constantly looking for ways improve our work every day, searching for smarter ways of working using the latest technology or digital solutions.

Improvements do not come about by individual effort, but by teamwork. The opinions and contributions of others are important to us. That's why we listen carefully to our patients. We want to know what they think about their illness and treatment, what they think of us and if they are happy with that? Another way in which we look to optimise the care provided to each patient is by pooling resources with other hospitals, healthcare institutions and health insurers. After all, there are always opportunities to improve. And it is our duty to constantly create the right conditions to provide the best care.

At the end of the day, the health of our patients and the care we provide them with are all that matters. That is why we are working day and night for the most valuable thing in our possession as human beings: life. We do this by paying attention with all our heart, mind and soul. Full of dedication and without compromise and with Albert Schweitzer as our source of inspiration. Because respect for life and treating that with care is what drives us and connects us together. That's why we are not just aiming for 'good care' but for excellent care!

Our convictions makes our hospital humane and very special. At the Albert Schweitzer hospital, you are not just another number - you are a human being, regardless of age, someone with your own unique story. This is a place where we respect life, where everyone is welcome and equal. Our hospital is more than a collection of people and buildings, it is a place of ideals. And as Albert Schweitzer himself said: 'It is through idealism that man possesses a wealth which he must never exchange for anything else'.

We are Albert Schweitzer. A hospital with all our heart, mind and soul

Healthcare system in the Netherlands

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